Loyalty, Trust and Pet Insurance

Pets are LOYAL to us because they TRUST us.

Pet insurance is a WONDERFUL THING, it encourages healthier pets, saves the owner significant unexpected expenditures and in many situations, provides the veterinarians certainty in revenues.

Everyone is a winner, even the insurers, right?

So how is it that less than 1% of the 176 estimated million pets are insured?  Could it be there is a TRUST factor at play?  Is someone winning more than others? But who, why and how?

Consider the paper claims and full pay process.  That is a huge pain for everyone, even the Pet Insurance company. Then again, I recall my first internet service provider. Whenever I called them to downgrade my services, they would transfer me around at least 4 times with several extended holds, I would eventually get frustrated and abandon the call…they kept the extra $20 for the next months. I would repeat this cycle 3 months later with the same results. Everyone HATES holding.

Just so, everyone HATES filling out  PAPER forms. Some never do and they loose, and there is a WINNER too, BUT is the winner REALLY winning?

A whooping 99% of Pets are still NOT INSURED.

Eliminating PAPER claim forms will help build TRUST, which could help in having MORE pets insured, that will make Vets HAPPIER, and owners SATISFIED, and our loyal pets STAY with us longer and in BETTER health.

Perhaps we have a shot at making this real.

As a pet lover, ponder your THOUGHTS, your  HESITATIONS,  and your PURPOSE to YOUR PET? ..then let all out right here, right now.